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WK Architectures showcase

by TriRem - 1022 downloads

This mods requires WololoKingdoms to work. Download WK here [You must login to view link] this mod with the "WololoKingdoms mod", this changes the Architecture of several civilization to give each one a unique feel. You just need to select this mod in "Visual mods" in the Game Room when playing with WololoKingdoms.The following civilizations have their buildings graphics changed :BerbersBritonsByzantinesCeltsKoreansItaliansMongolsPersiansPortugueseSlavsSpanishTeutonsVietnameseVikings[You must login to view link]- Credits -Warsmithy - Byzantine Architecture Mod & Majority of the Castle Age Mediterranean Buildings in the "Italian Building Workshop CollectionGwotyng - Improved Magyar Buildings & Imperial Age Italian BuildingsTriRem - Mongolian ArchitecturePesqueria - Grey Roof Central European Buildings, Spanish Buildings & Original creator of the Italian Feudal Age Buildings.Dynasty_IV - Western Black Roof TilesJulianbaba4 - Italian Guard Tower & Trade WorkshopStevefr - Viking BuildingsAnd of course huge thanks to Saint Michaels for creating the Independent Architecture Mod and Jineapple for all his work in creating WololoKingdoms.
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